On the Issues

Fiscal Responsibility

Democrats in Saint Paul continue to allow our budget to spiral out of control. Whether transportation boondoggles like SWLRT or out of control state programs like MNsure, Twin Cities liberals continue to to not reflect the priorities of Minnesotans.

We must put our fiscal house in order. The money is there – it just needs to be spent on priorities, not ‘feel-good‘ programs.

Protecting the Unborn

We need to send leaders to the State House who are committed to protecting our core conservative values. We must protect all life – especially for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Right to Self Protection

I support the right of citizens to defend themselves, their families and their property. I will stand against attempts to limit our second amendment rights. As an NRA member, hunter and permit to carry holder for over 25 years I will be a champion for these issues in Saint Paul.


Funding schools should be based on the needs of students, families and teachers – not on your ZIP code. Under-funding of districts has caused local schools to turn to taxpayers in the form of levies which have caused a gradual increase in everyone’s property taxes.

A fair, equitable school-funding method will lower property taxes and help all Minnesota  schoolchildren get a top-class education.

Public Safety

My career has centered around protecting people and assets.

I support law enforcement and will fight for stronger laws protecting our citizens from sexual predators, with more control on where they
are allowed to live and how they interact with the public. Our families must be protected first.

Property Rights

I am opposed to annexations without the affected citizens having the right to vote and have their voices heard. I’m opposed to the misuse
of Eminent Domain. I oppose any law that limits the rights of citizens to voice their concerns and ability to defend their rights.