By now you have likely heard about the unfair MN Supreme Court Decision that ruled our friend, Bob Barrett, ineligible to run as your representative in MN House District 32B. Like me, you are probably outraged by this attempt to ruin the good name of this outstanding resident of our community.

I am further outraged by the total disregard the Chisago County Democrats have for the democratic process. They know that, if given the chance to vote, Chisago County would have re-elected Bob Barrett for another term in the MN House with an overwhelming majority. Unable to win with their ideas and a fair process, they resort to lies and disenfranchising the voters of District 32B.

While this is an unfortunate situation for Representative Barrett, the Republican Party and our district, it is important we remain focused on keeping this seat in Republican hands.

Make no mistake, this election will be important — control of the legislature itself could come down to who wins this special election.

I have been encouraged by many to run for this seat because of my experience, my deep roots in the district, and my commitment to the principles of our Party.

Experience & Deep Roots

Perhaps my most important experience that makes me well-qualified to be your State Representative is my business experience.

I have a lot of experience making a payroll having owned my own small business for 25 years; I understand the challenges small business owners have operating in Minnesota.

We need more small business people in St. Paul if we are really committing to creating more job in our state.

I also have experience in government having won elective office in the district, proudly serving three terms as Mayor of the City of Wyoming.

As mayor, I helped guide Wyoming through a time of growth, committed to making sure city government was fiscally responsible and efficiently managed.

One of my proudest accomplishments as mayor was enacting a sexual predator ordinance. At the time, Wyoming was only the 2nd city in MN to enact such an ordinance.

My experience extends beyond local government having had the honor to serve as District Director for former 8th District Congressman Chip Craavack.

Commitment to our Principles

You can be assured when I am elected your state representative I will be a strong and committed voice for the principles of our Party in Saint Paul.

I am a pro-life, pro-platform, conservative Republican. I am also a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

Most importantly, I am a person you can count on to stick by our principles. Too often, others lose their nerve and given in to the special interests at the Capitol – you can be assured that will never be me.

While others will look to curry favor with the so-called “powers that be”, my only concern will be you and the people of this district.

Here is the bottom line:

  • I have deep roots make me a strong candidate
  • I have the experience needed to serve
  • I am a committed conservative who will never let you down

To win, however, I need your support at the coming endorsing convention October 13th.  I am committed to working hard to earn your vote and win this race. I hope you will join my campaign.

Bob Barrett is our friend and served us well in the MN House of Representatives. He is an honorable man of great character and I will defend that honor at every opportunity. Together we can make sure we continue to send a Republican from our district to Saint Paul.

I look forward to speaking with you soon about the future of Minnesota.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or 651-755-4190.


Sheldon Anderson

P.S. I have the experience needed to win this election and be your committed conservative voice in Saint Paul. Please join my campaign today!