It is one of my fondest memories and proudest achievements to have represented the citizens of District 32B and the 8th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. The affinity I have for you and my confidence in your good judgment compels me to write to you as you consider the candidates for endorsement in the upcoming Special Election in MN House District 32B.

Sheldon Anderson served as my District Director – he has a solid track record of service to your community, acting as Mayor of Wyoming, Park Board Member, Library Commission Chairman, Rush Line Corridor Representative, Regional Sewer Commissioner, and Public Works Liaison. He also served as a Liaison to the Police, Fire and Emergency Services for many years.

In addition to an impressive record of public service Sheldon has the important experience of being a business owner, a perspective greatly needed at the Minnesota Legislature. I know Sheldon well; his principles, family values and the courage to stand up for them are all qualities of a winning candidate, and Sheldon can win in the February Special Election.

Of all the candidates seeking your endorsement, I firmly believe Sheldon is the best candidate to ensure your voice is represented in St. Paul. He acts with integrity and will represent you, the people of District 32B, not the special interest groups and power players who so often drown out the voice of the people. I’m confident Sheldon will make us all proud. I wholeheartedly endorse Sheldon Anderson and I hope you, too, will give him your support.

Keep moving forward,

Chip Cravaack

P.S. Join me in endorsing Sheldon here: ENDORSE SHELDON